Management Team

Gudmundur Thor Thormodsson, CEO

G Thor Thormodsson, was the founder of Saeplast, which is a world leader in fish tubs. He was also one of the founders of Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) in 2008 and the inventor of GEG Geothermal wellhead technology. He also invented innovative Icelandic fish tubs that have had over $500m in sales globally. G Thor has been very active in various geothermal projects all over the world for the last 15 years and has a unique network and reputation in implementing modular thinking in geothermal.

Tomas Otto Hansson, Director

Tomas is the founder and Chairman of Atom Innovations in Oxford England. Atom Innovations invests in and supports innovative companies and entrepreneurs. Tomas has over 20 years of experience in finance, banking, project management in various industries, as board member, in management or as project leader of large or small international investment projects. He became a leading advisor to Novator, a London based private equity firm, first on the acquisition of Landsbanki, then the Bulgarian National Telecom. Tomas has been involved in, and as director of, multiple projects and companies globally, including in telecommunications, banking, shipping, and pharmaceuticals.  For 8 years Tomas was the chairman of Nova, the leading mobile operator in Iceland.  Tomas has an M.Phil degree in Economics from New York University.

Sigthor Jonsson, Director

Over 18 years of relevant and unique experience in the financial markets, including 10 years as CEO in financial companies in Iceland and head of equity and alternative investments teams. Extensive experience of creating and managing equity and private equity funds and sitting on a board of directors for companies associated with those funds. Sigthor has MSc in Finance from University of Iceland, (final thesis about financing the energy link from Iceland to the UK) and MBA from EADA Barcelona with Energy and structured Finance as major.Sigthor has created, fundraised and managed funds over 20 funds the last 15 years, including asset classes like Icelandic equity, Scandinavian equity, fixed income, mezzanine, private equity funds, tourism, real estate development, real estate, energy, venture capital, international private equity fund of funds…..managed various transactions in debt and equity for over 500 million USD. Today, actively involved in various geothermal projects globally.