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Kaldara Group Parenting Company

Innovative Structural Foam Technology

Kaldara Group is introducing a new Polyethylene foaming technology to the rotational moulding industry. The technology makes it possible to make high expansion foam with expansion rates up to forty times. The structural foam technology enables a one-step production method. The powder for the shell of the product and the foam pellets are loaded at the same time. Main features  are

  • Good insulation 
  • Excellent strength
  • Environmental friendly
  • Good bonding between skin and foam
  • Completive manufacturing cost
  • Excising manufacturing equipment
  • One step production
  • Light weight
  • Cushioning effect

Reusable and Recyclable Insulated boxes

  • By using coolerboxes and ice the cold chain is never broken.
  • Using coolerboxes will reduce post-harvesting losses drastically.
  • Proper handling on board the boats to market/Fish processor ensures more quality and more value.
  • Coolerboxes are unique, cost-effective and environment friendly solution.

Kaldara Housing System

  • New technology of building concrete structures
  • Major part of the required work at site is moved to factory
  • Formwork (moulds where concrete is poured into) is permanent in this technology and made in a factory thus by including claddings/plastering, insulation, electrical, plumming works in the formwork the cost and work at site can be reduced drastically.
  • Special structural foam used in the panel formwork. Patented.
  • Large market potential in many countries including India and Africa
  • Market for this new technology is worldwide